BGP Route Analysis by BGPlay

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We migrated our production site last week from our data center in Sunnyvale, CA to Atlanta, GA and BGPlay open source tool was extremely useful on our case to validate our network changes.

We were peering with Internap and NTT out of Equinix SV2 data center in Sunnyvale, CA. We are now serving our production site traffic out of Atlanta, GA, where we are peering with COX (AS 13433). During the migration we stopped announcing our prefix out to Internap, NTT and started announcing it to COX in Atlanta at the same time. To validate that BGP re-convergence took place and outside world now knows us via COX – we ran some traceroutes before and after cutover and everything looked great.

We also, however, used BGPlay tool that gives a very nice visual representation of prefix announcement changes. Just before the change you can see our BGP peering with Internap (AS 12182) and NTT (AS 2914). Our AS is 2962. All lines are dashed lines, meaning there were no route changes for that BGP prefix.

BGP prefix before cutover

Once we changed the BGP announcements with our peers, BGPlay records BGP re-convergence for our prefix by showing colored solid lines, each line representing a unique AS path from a peer to the source AS. This is what BGPlay shows during BGP route instability or re-convergence:

BGP prefix during reconvergence

Once everything stabilized, BGPlay shows that we now peer with COX (AS 13433) and all lines are now dashed lines, meaning reconvergence has been completed:

BGP prefix announcement after cutover

At the top BGPlay gives you details about the prefix that you highlight, in this case sourced by AS 676: 2p>

You can obviously use BGP looking glasses for these types of validation, but BGPlay gives you another great visual representaion of your BGP prefix changes with precise timestamps of when they occurred.

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